Tuesday, 12 August 2014

New News

I have finally left my post in the investment industry to branch off on my own.  Time will tell if I was insane for making this decision, but I am confident things will work out.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than significantly growing someone else's savings.  My value style is not complicated; all it requires is passion, diligence, and public information.

It will take several months to set up the business, at the end of which I'm planning to either cut this blog off or somehow transfer it to the new website. I realize that I have droned on about HHC in the past.  This reflects my obsessive compulsive nature when I lock onto a unique idea.  And the truth is that without the HHC opportunity, I would not be taking this step in my life. Yes, it was that hard of a swing.  

I have invested in numerous other spinoffs recently, including VRTV, RYAM, and POST, but have not been able to free up the time to write about them.  When the dust settles from setting up my business, I then must think about how to share and communicate ideas in a manner that does not conflict with the interests of my clients. 

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