Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ackman spotted in Tokyo; Brookfield overhang may already be gone

Ackman was spotted in downtown Tokyo today with an entourage of four people.  What could he have been up to?  Rounding up more investors?  Or could Ackman have already have invested in his first Japanese activist effort?  As far as inefficiencies in overhead spending go, Japan should be ripe for an activist to go in and tear things apart. However, from what I've heard, there are good reasons why activists aren't too prevalent in Japan, one being that layoffs aren't an accepted practice.

On another note, it is possible that Brookfield has finished selling out of its HHC position.  This would explain the recent jump in share price.  If Brookfield in fact has shares remaining, it sure will be interesting to see what happens when overhang from BAM's selling finally lifts. 

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